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Someone please help save my heart. Everything happenes so fast lately, I do hope everything will be better soon. When my heart still not completely healed, why oh why Taguchi Junnosuke of KATTUN have to announce his withdrawl from KATTUN and JA so suddenly???? why God??? Whyyyyy??? This news not help me at all. It is not like Taguchi's withdrawl from KATTUN shock me, on the contrary since I watched their count down concert I knew that it will happen. I don't know how but starting from their count down concert, I felt like they were tried to said good bye to their fans. KATTUN will not disbanded but they will withdrawal one by one, it just the matter of time. That idea just struck in myhead since I watched their count down concert. It is just like KATTUN trying to prepare their fans feeling by not suddenly disband therefore they are withdrawal one by one.

Actually I saw all the sign that they were trying to said good bye to their fans through their concert. One of reason why KATTUN never bored me is because they are prefer to talk through symbol and sign to verbally exspress it. And hey, in my opinion they talk and covey their feeling better with all those symbol than mushy chessy conversation. The fact that their concert become more and more emotional also one of sign why I believe in my theory. I know it suppose to be emotional because of all hard thing they already going through, but the emotional feeling that lingering around them and their body languange talk that there was something more. Then Quarter's closing song, Sore Zore no Sorae adding the sign list. There was a scene which capture Taguchi's very emotional expression. Actually when I heard this song played I suddenly think, why Sore Zore no Sorae choosen to the closing song because frankly, Kattun very seldom sing this song. However after heard Taguchi's withdrawal I think I get the link, I think I know the answer why Sore Zore no Sorae became the closing song in Quarter's concert. KATTUN maybe not a band who fame for their member relationship, but everytime I saw their concer, their body language on the stage, I can feel it. Their bond is something undescribeable.

Actually, in my opinion KATTUN already tell to us what happened to them through their concert's song list and how they decorate their stage. Soooooooooo, yes, I'm not shock at all by Taguchi's announcement. However the annoying thing is, no matter how I already prepared my heart if this thing happen, still it pricking my heart sooooooooo much. Though Taguchi Junnosuke never been my ichiban but they are perfect when they are together. I know that anything will reach its' end point but yeah... I always hate an ending because the hardest part of the end is starting again.

Since 2010 KATTUN always been a part of my live and they never fail to give a good time to me. Kattun also the first idol group who change my opinion about idol group equal to a bunch of good looking people. I dont say that KATTUN not good looking enough, hell no. It is just instead of their appearance, their aura capture my heart first. Then instead of call them as idol I prefer to call KATTUN as artist because they are do have the tallent an artist suppose to have. It is such a great time I spend with KATTUN, therefore no matter what happen to them I will always support their decision. The last thing here that I want to tell is, disband or not disband, as long as KATTUN still have their quality, I know that KATTUN will always be number 1 in my heart. Even before I realize it KATTUN already claim a special spot in my heart.

Through this article I want to exspress my gratitude to KATTUN. Thanks for all the beautiful and meaningful song. Thanks for singing with all your heart, I keep touched by your song though I dont understand the meaning and after I read the meaning my heart more touched. Thanks for the great feeling you give to us, I really really love the aura suround you, it always make me feel powerfull
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Answer for question 4530.

Benjamin Franklin said "Many people die at twenty five and aren't buried until they are seventy five." Do you think this sentiment is true -- that a lot of people are just existing in their life rather than really living it? Has this ever been true for you? What things do you do to try to bring new things, people, and experiences into your life?
once i heard this saying "maybe you have a life but you don't have live." At that time it struck head very hard, because well i think me too, i don't have live and when i think about it, i scared like hell and started questioning my existance. When I decide to open my eyes and accept how the real world do, for the first time in my life, I undergo what they call as identity crisis. It felt like my world torn appart. Then I decide to take some time, think about this object. I was became rebell, my family judge me but i dont care! Because my main focus at that time is to force myself too feel again. This is never been easy, i'm going through many things but those uneasy and insecure feeling had been paid of... I can feel my existence in this world, I have my live. The funny thing is I just realize that the key for this problem is simple. Just keep being true to yourself because your inner self know the best what you need. People just talk, but you are the one who know the best for you. So, just believe in yourself.